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Scottish independence & IT: skilled immigrants yes, banks no?

With a week to go to the vote on Scottish independence, The Register has published a lengthy piece by me on the potential impact of independence on ICT companies and professionals. The most interesting argument from the yes side is … Continue reading

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Making digital journalism pay: doable. Making a living: difficult

I was one of three speakers at an NUJ Oxford event last Thursday on how to make digital journalism pay. A theme developed: it is perfectly realistic for journalists to make money out of digital journalism, but the problem comes … Continue reading

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On cities and data for

I kicked off a new series, Supplier side, for last week with two pieces: one on what Ukip’s rise means for businesses (not good), the other on the insights you can gain from cities and data: Cities are found … Continue reading

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My one-day data journalism training course on 22 September

Data plays an increasingly big part in journalism. It can conjure exclusive stories out of a slab of figures. It lets journalists take full advantage of government policies on open access and freedom of information. It can produce some really … Continue reading

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Britain’s CCTV cities Beacon article: read in full by joining list

The following is an extract from my latest article on Beacon on Britain’s extensive use of CCTV. How to read it in full: 1) Read it now on Beacon by clicking here and, if you aren’t yet a subscriber, signing … Continue reading

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