Reviews of Card declined

Reviews of Card declined: how Britain said no to ID cards, three times over. More information about the book, and how to buy, here.

“Mr Mathieson’s book is a recent history of ID cards in the UK, it will inform newcomers to the topic fully and accurately and it will remind the advocates of ID cards of much they would no doubt prefer to forget…. We depend on a strong and outspoken media. On journalists. Like Mr Mathieson.”

David Moss reviews on Amazon

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William Heath, founder of Kable and chairman of Mydex

“SA Mathieson brings his highly readable style to this informative and entertaining account… ‘Card Declined’ offers a rich insight into British history, politics, civil liberties – and eccentricities.”

Gill Hitchcock, government IT journalist, review on Amazon

“Engaging, very well written and meticulously researched.”

Keith Nixon, Books & Pals reviews website

“[The book] raised the specter of 1984 and how ID cards allowed Big Brother to track every citizen. Although the US is nowhere near that, we need to scrutinize proposals taking us more in that direction and decide whether they are solving a problem or only helping put us in Big Brother’s sights.”

Big Al, Books & Pals reviews website

“Excellent and well researched history of the various attempts to implement an ID card… we gratefully declined the card :-) .”

M Jensen reviews on Amazon