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County or unitary:
District or borough:
Westminster constituency: /static/js/home-try-i

National Grid reference:
National Grid numerical easting:
National Grid numerical northing:

Distance from Trafalgar Square to : 0 miles (0km)
Direction from Trafalgar Square to : 251 degrees (relative to National Grid North)
Sunrise time: 06:01 GMT
Sunset time: 18:04 GMT

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AA Route to from Trafalgar Square
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National Trust properties near

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Data shown is provided by the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API except for constituency (MySociety MapIt); National Grid reference, longitude, latitude and distance from Trafalgar Square (calculated by PHPcoord copyright 2005 Jonathan Stott and used under a GNU Licence); direction from Trafalgar Square (calculated from National Grid co-ordinates); and sunset and sunrise (calculated using the PHP SUNFUNCS function).

Please do not rely on the accuracy of this service for anything critical. No warranty is provided. The code for these pages is copyright SA Mathieson 2015 except for the sections which are copyright Jonathan Stott 2005, available under a GNU General Public Licence via GitHub.

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