I have produced digital mapping for editorial and other purposes, including for a client requiring a map showing its own data and searchable through postcodes. I specialise in maps of the UK, in particular ones that use areas such as local authority, NHS and other administrative boundaries where I have developed Javascript-based mapping that builds on the Leaflet library, base maps from Carto, Mapbox and other OpenStreetMap-based suppliers and open government data.

I provide some free online mapping services which you are welcome to use: Postcode-decode, which provides mapping and information on postcodes in Great Britain; and How far can you see at sea, which tells you how far you can see at sea at different heights above sea-level.

I also draw on my experience in producing online mapping in my data journalism training.

Please contact me to discuss your mapping requirements: +44 7967 502073 or mail [AT]

Mapping portfolio

Economies and populations of English mayor-run city regions

Relative economic outputs shown by coloured circles, populations by black circles. Source: Office for National Statistics. Produced with Leaflet; read more about this map

Birthplaces of individual Team GB Rio 2016 medal-winners

Source: Team GB. Produced with Mapbox; read more about this map

Greater London Brexit votes by borough

Source: Electoral Commission. Produced with Leaflet; read more about this map

Wales’ unhealthy valleys

Source: 2011 Census. Custom-produced; read more about this map

Global urban health challenges and solutions

Sources: various. Produced with Mapbox and published by Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network; read more about these maps

New development in Manchester

Sources: various. Produced with Mapbox; read more about this map