Training on data journalism

I have run training on data journalism for several clients, including City Lit in London, where my most recent one-day course on the topic ran on Saturday 20 May 2017.

I have also run an in-house course on data journalism for the Press Association and provided coaching on data journalism for media undergraduates at Birmingham City University. I have also run customised versions of this course for corporate clients including the Office for National Statistics.

Topics I can cover in training include understanding data; avoiding mistakes while dealing with it; understanding risk; assessing data quality; running surveys; sources of data including government and open data; predictions; Freedom of Information, including bulk FoI surveys; data on health and healthcare; combining and manipulating data; and graphing and mapping, including my own work in this area.

My data journalism training is based primarily on my own successes and mistakes over many years, as well as reading and research. I provide an accessible introduction to data journalism techniques for those with limited experience in the field, and new ideas for established practitioners.

I am happy to plan and deliver a customised version of this course for corporate clients on your premises following discussion of specific needs.

I can also carry out one-to-one training in person or remotely at a competitive price, or can suggest alternatives if something you require is outside my experience.

Please contact me to discuss your data journalism training needs: +44 7967 502073 or mail [AT]

Comments on one-day data journalism training course at City Lit

An excellent introduction to the topic. Steve explains the points clearly, is patient with questions and generous with the information. I am planning to take further training with him.
Teresa Couceiro, Editor of El Heraldo de Londres

The course was a great reminder and reassurance that despite all we hear about the death of journalism, the need to report, analyse and tell stories continues and the world of data and digital actually opens up new opportunities to do just that.
Francesca Baker (blog, Twitter)

My reading list on data journalism

Training on freelance business

My day-course on using data in freelance business for the Federation of Entertainment Unions is next due to run on Wednesday 9 August in Bristol. Freelance members of qualifying unions including the NUJ can book here. It is free to attend.

I will also be running a day-course at City Lit on Using data to make money from freelancing on Saturday 29 July. This will cover some of the same ground as the FEU course, but at a more introductory level.

To hear about further courses, join my mailing list below.

One-to-one training in person or online

I can provide one-to-one training on data journalism or freelance business techniques, including online, such as through Skype (using its screen-sharing facility as well as voice). Please contact me +44 7967 502073 or mail [AT] to find out how this can work and for a quote.

I couldn’t get to Steven’s course [on using data in freelance business], so 121 Skype training was ideal. In an hour we covered tremendously useful ground about workload management and job rates. Very practical and highly focused. I now have a far more realistic overview of what work I can handle, what to charge, and when to turn jobs down. Highly recommended, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a low-paying workload.
Jules Horne, Texthouse

Training on other topics

I am delighted to discuss running training on other topics where I have expertise, such as on healthcare and government. However, please note that I do not normally offer media training (ie, training on how to deal with media interviews; as mentioned above I do provide training for those working in the media). If you are looking for people who can provide this, try the NUJ Freelance Directory.