Articles on computing (that aren’t specifically about healthcare or government), a topic I have covered throughout my career.

Automated decision making shows worrying signs of limitation, Aug 9, 2017

Self-driving cars could be steered towards business use cases, Nov 18, 2016

Turing, Hauser, Sinclair – haunt computing’s Cambridge A-team stamping ground (Geeks Guide walking tour of Cambridge’s computing history
The Register, Sep 26, 2016

Fruitful pickings for browsers (alternatives to Google services – links here), p18
The Journalist, June-July 2016

US work visas for international tech talent? ‘If Donald Trump is elected all bets are off’
The Register, May 13, 2016

The rise of the robots in financial services, Feb 16, 2016

Higher US Fed interest rates will hit startups over the head
The Register, Feb 15, 2016

How software drives safety in aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas, Jan 20, 2016

Lovelace at 200: Celebrating the High Priestess to Babbage’s machines
The Register, Jan 8, 2016

Natural language generation progresses from robo-journalism to finance, Nov 30, 2015

Marconi: The West of England’s very own Italian wireless pioneer
The Register, Feb 23, 2015 (also published in Geek’s Guide to Britain book, 2016, ed. Gavin Clarke)

Suffering satellites! Goonhilly’s ARTHUR REBORN for SPAAAACE
The Register, Nov 25, 2014 (also published in Geek’s Guide to Britain book, 2016, ed. Gavin Clarke)

The digitisation of help services (ChildLine, Samaritans and BB Group)
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, Oct 30, 2013

How a small business can use Twitter
TechRadar Pro, Mar 28, 2013

Bringing your data to life (PDF of page – use of big data by charities and non-governmental organisations)
The Guardian/Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, Jun 27, 2012

Bletchley Park: where government started computing
Guardian Government Computing, May 15, 2012 – also see this blogpost

Broadband’s turn-on frustrations (inside the technology that connects users)
Guardian Technology, Jan 11, 2007 – also see this blogpost

Hot stocks to your inbox (pump and dump email spam – now available on Kindle)
Infosecurity Today, July/August 2006

A sidestep in the right direction (wikimapping on the Isle of Wight)
Guardian Technology, May 11, 2006

Spread the word, and join it up (Tim Berners-Lee’s semantic web)
Guardian Technology, Apr 6, 2006

The country switches on (rural broadband reaches businesses in the Wiltshire countryside)
Guardian Online, Dec 4, 2003

Track your every move (using the Data Protection Act on supermarkets, ISPs, banks and telcos)
Guardian Online, Aug 3, 2002

You can ring, but you can’t hide (mobile phone tracking of user locations)
Guardian Online, Nov 29, 2001

Let me be your fantasy (virtual actors, Final Fantasy, Guinness squirrels and Eyes Wide Shut)
Guardian Online, Apr 26, 2001

New York, London, Paris, Munich: Fear and loathing on the IPO trail
Business 2.0, Jul 1, 2000

Parc life: the people who changed the world (the history of Parc Xerox)
Computing, May 11, 2000

Oracle: as happy as Larry? (Larry Ellison)
Computing, Nov 18, 1999