Data journalism

I have used data journalism as a technique throughout my career, have worked as a market intelligence analyst and now provide training on data journalism to several organisations. The following articles are mostly or entirely based on data analysis. See also my work on mapping, which often involves data analysis.

Older people ‘need alternatives’ to digital services as research shows one in four live offline,, Aug 20, 2019
Based on two sets of ONS data on internet use, released in May and August.

HMRC approved for £112m Microsoft spending and HMRC discloses decision-makers for £112m Microsoft deal,, Aug 6, 2019 and Sep 16, 2019
The first story was based on this open data from HMRC, and similar from other departments. The second was based on the response to a Freedom of Information request I submitted.

Which government department suffers the most data breaches?, Service World, May 10, 2019
Based on data drawn from several years of departmental annual reports.

Where in Britain works best for IT?, Nov 9, 2018
The article, based on a comparison of NUTS 3 economic areas of the UK using four factors relevant to IT employers, includes the following interactive panel which I built.
UK government’s cloud spending hits saturation: Love of Microsoft endures
The Register, May 10, 2018

Big tech’s grip loosens on IT spend
The Register, Jan 13, 2017

Violence, climate change, obesity: world’s cities face growing health risks
Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network, Nov 13, 2015

Social media and the public sector: who’s using it?
Guardian Public Leaders Network, Nov 27, 2014

How has the NHS workforce changed since the coalition took power?
Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network, Feb 13, 2014

Every man, woman and child in the UK paid HP £21 last year (details of big suppliers to government, using Freedom of Information and open data)
The Register, Nov 12, 2013

The top 100 government suppliers (using Freedom of Information)
Guardian Data blog, Mar 2, 2011

UK life expectancy figures show the difference money makes
Guardian Datablog, Oct 20, 2010 (republished here with data mapped)

Charting a new course: data analysis of the NHS across the UK
Health Service Journal, 5 Jul 2005