Collaborative public services: lessons from Northumberland

One council in the north-east has found numerous benefits from co-locating services including running parents young child groups at its fire stations

The north of England seems to see more collaborative public services than the south. This is a great example from Northumberland.
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Videoconference consultants boost emergency stroke care

Allowing consultants to order drugs remotely is saving lives and money, according the medical lead of the NHS Stroke Improvement Programme

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Hotel rooms under the hammer

Hoteliers don’t like empty rooms, which is why hotel businesses are using online auctions to bring in extra bookings

For many hotel chains, dynamic pricing has become standard, but back in 2002 auctioning rooms on eBay (and its defunct competitor QXL) was pretty smart. It was nice to see Blackpool hotels getting in the on the act, found simply by searches on the appropriate eBay category.
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