SNP march on Westminster may be good for UK IT

Following the SNP’s remarkable general election night, I have taken a close look at its manifesto for The Register. Although the SNP has ended up in opposition in Westminster, it looks likely that some of its proposals may well come about through further devolution to Scotland, particularly the fiscal ones on taxation, grants and the like. Continue reading

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For Beacon: From Tynemouth chic to Whitley Bay, where every day is like Sunday

To mark May 1, which is Dogs Get Banned From Beaches day including at Whitley Bay in North Tyneside (below), I have written for Beacon about the British seaside.

On Tyneside as elsewhere, visitors have shifted inland from the once-mass market seaside resort of Whitley Bay – with its Spanish City complex, once visited by 11,000 people a day – to ‘NewcastleGateshead’, the renovated city centre, as well as to arty Tynemouth. Continue reading

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For Chipping Norton News: Bodleian puts Chippy on the map

A version of this article appeared in Chipping Norton News, May 2015

On 21 March, Oxford University’s Bodleian Library opened its new £80m Weston Library on Broad Street. The building, a greatly-altered version of what was previously known as the New Bodleian Library, now includes galleries open to the public – including a four centuries old tapestry map featuring Chipping Norton. Continue reading

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For The Register: what the general election could mean for tech policy

Following my article earlier this week on the manifestos and implications for NHS professionals, I have looked at how they might combine to change tech policy, on issues including surveillance, business and IT, government IT, immigration and the EU (both of some interest to the tech industry), employment law and the whole ‘actually having a government’ issue.

My conclusion: Continue reading

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General election manifestos and NHS staff: going private?

Having read the general election manifestos so you don’t have to, I have written the following piece for Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network. There is an area of significant difference between the parties on the NHS, and – perhaps not a massive surprise – it’s the role of the private sector.

If you do want to read the general election manifestos, which I find is often the best way to get an overview of what each party wants to do, you can do so through the following links, to PDF copies in each case: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, UK Independence Party, Green Party, Plaid Cymru and National Health Action Party.
Continue reading

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