Covid-19 coronavirus in England mapped by cases per million

Good to see that a team including George Bennett at the BBC and Leo Falcomer-Dawson at Bloomberg have set up Covid Live UK, a similar population-adjusted map covering all of the UK rather than just England, updated daily. Nice to note the organisers eventually came to the same conclusion that I did, which is that shades of blue are the way to go.

Source: Public Health England as of 9am GMT, 23 March 2020

For an up-to-date map, see Covid Live UK.

I have produced this map using data from Public Health England’s Covid-19 dashboard on the number of coronavirus cases reported by upper-tier local authority areas in England and the mid-2018 populations of these areas from the Office for National Statistics. Grey areas have no reported cases, then the scale runs from light to dark blue, based on cases by population size.

The area with the most cases proportionately remains Kensington and Chelsea, with 544 cases per million people, and London as a whole has 273 cases per million, more than four times the 63 cases per million across the rest of England. The number of cases per million people can be seen in the box at the top top-right by hovering over an area. Public Health England treats Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as a single area so they show the same data, with the same being true for Hackney and the City of London. Due to a recent change in administrative areas, data for Dorset isn’t currently appearing (there are cases there).

A map of London, which has many of the most-affected areas, is below and a full-screen version of the national map is here.