Election 2015 for Beacon: it’s looking like no overall control

After the score-draw Cameron-Miliband clash of last week, and the seven-way leaders’ debate last night, I have rounded up Election 2015 for Beacon readers with five weeks to go, concluding:

What all this means is Britain may well be about to elect no government, or at least not a stable one: as Jon Stewart used to brand US election campaigns, we’re heading for Indecision 2015. When in Britain no party gets a majority of seats on a local authority, the council concerned is said to belong to ‘no overall control’. On 8 May, we may have to hoist that sign over the whole country.

The full article is here.

It has after all been a month of strange portents: partial solar eclipses, the reburial of a half-millennium dead king, Jeremy Clarkson whacking a producer. As used on Beacon, I did get a decent picture of one of these events, thanks to just the right amount of cloud over Oxfordshire.

Solar eclipse over Oxfordshire 20 March 2015
Solar eclipse over Oxfordshire, and behind thick cloud and a tree, 20 March 2015