Gravity’s sound man from Israel… make that Wheatley in Oxfordshire

One thing you have to love about local newspapers is the way they make things local. Niv Adiri was one of Gravity‘s Oscar winners for his work on the film’s sound. He’s originally from Israel, he works at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire, but as far as the Oxford Times is concerned he’s a Wheatley in Oxfordshire man now.

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I’ve written about the Britishness of Gravity as one of two pieces for Beacon subscribers in the last week. The other more substantial article is a detailed analysis of Scotland’s Future, the Scottish Government’s plans for independence. As well as the latest arguments over how this would affect banking and business, I have looked at European Union membership, national security and the BBC. If you haven’t already seen the lovely advert for this already, you can read it here; if you are not a subscriber, click on the ‘Fund his work’ button for a 14-day free trial.