NHS Wales interview, Cardiff’s Senedd and Devo-City on Kindle

On Wednesday, Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network published my interview with Dr Andrew Goodall, chief executive of NHS Wales. He discussed having a bit more money, pay restraint (which will continue despite the bit more money) and how to get people to understand and agree to reconfigurations of services.

He also said it is easier to make things happen in Wales:

We’re able to bring people in a room, and understand their own views on how they want to develop good services… People can talk about what they want to change in Wales, and we’re able to do something about that.

It helps that Wales has just 10 NHS organisations, compared with several hundred in England. Read the full article here.

While in Cardiff, I visited the National Assembly for Wales Senedd, which I have written about on Beacon. It is paywalled, but the link in the tweet below should provide access:

Meanwhile, I have just published Public Service Intelligence’s Devo-City: A short guide to Britain’s devolving city regions in words and data report for Amazon Kindle. Or buy it in original and best PDF here, and get the purchase price back if you then subscribe to Council News Monitor.