Opening up on Beacon

After a year of writing every week on Beacon, with the articles behind a subscription paywall, in 2015 I plan to publish longer articles every month. I will also open up what I write on Beacon, so everyone can see it. (This has already been the case if you have followed a tweeted link to an article.)

I have also opened access to some of my favourite articles from 2014 on Beacon, listed below. Hope you enjoy them.

The city which tells Britain it is not an island (19 December)

PizzaExpress: Italian food with middle-class British characteristics (14 November)

To see an awe-inspiring ancient place of worship, visit Salisbury not Stonehenge (1 August)

Cake, tea and pork pie at Hobbit motorway services (1 July)

70 years after D-Day, we need to stop mentioning the war (6 June)

Premier Inn: Welcome to the Hotel Britannia, Doncaster (2 May)

Aberdeen doubtful about risking liquid assets (24 January)

Update: with Beacon’s closure in autumn 2016, links now lead to pages on this site.