The revolutionary Thomas Rainborowe

I have just completed Kindle and CreateSpace production of a new book by journalist Stanley Slaughter on Colonel Thomas Rainborowe (often spelt Thomas Rainsborough).

He was a celebrated member of Parliament’s New Model Army, but then became a radical politician. In 1647, he called for one man one vote; a year later, he was dead. One man one vote would not come about in Britain until 1918 (and for women, it would take a further decade).

Thomas Rainborowe – Dangerous Radical is Stanley Slaughter’s account of Rainborowe’s life, based on his research for an MA in early modern history. There is more information on the book’s website. It’s available for £4.99 for Kindle and £9.99 in paperback.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for someone to help with publishing your book on Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace systems, drop me a line. It’s not hard to do yourself, but it is much easier when you’ve had some practice… which I have.