Why are French pharmacy signs so animated?

Pharmacies in France are useful places. They offer a wide range of medicines and advice. However, the same is true of pharmacies elsewhere in the world… but they don’t have signs like French pharmacy signs. This one was filmed in Lille, but is typical of many.

It might be different if French high streets were a riot of flashing lights, but they generally aren’t – except for the local pharmacy. Certainly you might want to find a pharmacy in France quickly in a medical emergency, but the same is true in Britain and other countries.

Unless the answer has something to do with owners having easy access to pharmaceuticals – the end of the sequence above does look a bit like something you might see at a rave in the 1990s – I don’t know the answer to the question of the title. However, I do know how that it is very easy to find a pharmacy in France, and that if you do so, you will often also know the air temperature – which could perhaps help you decide if you have a fever.

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