Articles on Electric Mountain power station tour and US visas

Obviously, you don’t need a US visa to visit Dinorwig power station in Snowdonia, just a ticket from the Electric Mountain visitor centre. This buys you the chance to see a stirring film, then take a bus tour around an amazing piece of underground engineering that is capable of filling the gaps in UK power demand when millions of people put the kettle on.

I mentioned tea a lot in this article for the Register, such as the following:

Most power stations take many minutes or hours to increase output – and with solar, tidal and wind power, you get whatever Mother Nature is giving. Pumped storage stations like Dinorwig are designed specifically to cope with spikes in demand. It tells you how much Britain loves tea: we built a power station that power-flushes a lake through a Welsh mountain, just so we can all make a brew at the same time.

The full article is here. And if you are looking for a US visa, this piece also for the Register covers the current situation on H1-B visas and the like.