NHS trust plans alternative to ‘outdated hospital model’

Has North Bristol NHS trust found the answer to providing efficient health and social care after hospital closures?

New Southmead superhospital under constructionThis article appeared in the Guardian’s Society pages on 4 January 2012. I also wrote about North Bristol NHS trust’s progress towards its Southmead superhospital for Guardian Healthcare Network, based on the same set of interviews.

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How staff helped Mid Staffordshire make a clean start

A hospital trust that became notorious for poor care is using its employees’ ideas to turn itself around

Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust has become notorious for failing to take care of its patients. This piece looks at some of the ways it has started to make improvements, although it has a long way to go.
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How Birmingham moved into its new NHS hospital

University Hospitals Birmingham’s chief executive Julie Moore has needed all her operational management skills to transfer patients and staff

http://www.guardian.co.uk/healthcare-network/2011/may/25/inside-smartest-hospitals-circle-bath-qeh-birmingham-nhs-privateThe new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, which treats soldiers returning from overseas next to NHS patients, is a great example of how well a new hospital can work.

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