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Thanks for following me on Twitter. I generally, but not exclusively, tweet about healthcare ICT, management and innovation in the UK.

If you don’t already know, I am an analyst and writer on healthcare IT and management, particularly in the NHS. Elsewhere on this site you can find a longer biography; my contact details; and a selection of my articles on healthcare ICT, healthcare management, government ICT, computing and other subjects – and many of these are mapped on the site’s homepage.

This site is also the home of my blog (on various subject, including the Cotswolds where I live, healthcare, IT and mapping) – links to latest posts (on subjects including stroke care in the south west and, slightly less on-topic, roads that go through Chipping Norton) and tweets are also at the bottom of every page. You can sign up for notifications by email below.

A bird, although one that goes awk rather than tweet.

Until recently, I worked as an editor for Guardian News & Media’s Professional Networks. My former colleagues produce weekly emails, and offer discounts and other benefits, to those joining the networks. To join Guardian Healthcare Network, here and Guardian Social Care Network, here. If you’re looking to contact these networks with ideas for articles or anything else, use either [email protected] and [email protected]. Each goes to everyone involved in that network. Or follow them on Twitter @GdnHealthcare and @GdnSocialCare.

And if you’ve come across this post by accident and haven’t actually followed me on Twitter… I’m @samathieson.

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