Last chance to get free copy of city devolution report

Public Service Intelligence has been offering new subscribers to Council News Monitor a free copy of Devo-City, our report on city devolution, which costs £10 separately. The report, which has history, analysis and a wide range of data on existing and future city regions, has been featured in the Independent on Sunday, local publications and several BBC local radio stations since it came out in December.

We’re closing the offer in the next few days, so now is particularly good time to subscribe to Council News Monitor. For £2 a month, you get an email first thing every morning with news and announcements from every UK nation and English region. There’s a taster of some of today’s stories on The Information Daily (which also today has my latest column for the site, on clearing the deficit).

If you would like to stay in touch with Public Service Intelligence but don’t want to give us any money (for the time being), you can also join what will soon be our regular mailing list below for free.

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