My new data journalism e-book, Britdata

BritdataIf I have a data journalism specialist subject, it is Britain. Writing about its public sector means finding out how to extract information on it through Freedom of Information, parliamentary written answers and open data on spending; knowing how to use official published data on Britain’s localities; and understanding the often-messy structure of local public services including councils, police, fire and NHS organisations.

I have just published a new e-book, Britdata: Finding data on the UK for journalists, researchers and campaigners, covering these areas and others, including tips on dealing with data and specific information on all of the UK’s top-tier local authority areas. A PDF of the introduction is here with more information here.

Buyers of Britdata through either this site or Leanpub will automatically get free updates when I publish new versions, and there’s a full refund for anyone who decides it’s not for them within 45 days of purchase.

If you write about Britain and its public services, I hope you’ll give Britdata a try and find it useful.

Britdata e-book: £9.99

Sold through this site via PayPal (you don’t need an account; credit and debit cards accepted). PDF will download when payment has been completed; don’t forget to save it.

Britdata e-book: US$11.99 (+VAT in EU)

Sold through Leanpub. US$14.39 including VAT if bought in UK.