New jobs: healthcare analyst at EHI and freelance journalist

As of today, I am starting two new jobs. I will continue as a healthcare analyst, but for a new firm, and I will also be back working as a freelance journalist.

I will be spending most of my working week at E-Health Media Ltd, as senior analyst for EHI Intelligence, the firm’s market intelligence service. I am excited to be joining EHI, and it is great to be working with some old friends at the company.

I will also be spending some of my time as a freelance journalist. I worked as a journalist full-time until taking an analyst job at Kable in November 2011, and it’s something I love doing. This is why I never quite stopped, writing a few articles on the side, so it will be good to have the time to do this properly. Also, during the past year I have found that researching subjects in detail as an analyst is also a brilliant way of unearthing stories for journalism.

I was a freelance journalist from 2000 to 2007, so have plenty of experience of producing high-quality copy to deadline. However, having since worked as an editor (more potted CV here), I now also have the ability to manage editorial projects, while my recent experience as an analyst helps with data-driven journalism. I plan to focus mainly on healthcare IT and management, although not exclusively. For examples of articles I have previously written, browse the links underneath the tasteful treescape at the top of the page.

If you’re an editor with a possible commission, a project or just some ideas, please get in touch, ideally by emailing mail [at] – full contact details here. I will also continue to blog here and tweet @samathieson.

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